Fall 2018 Enchanted Village faire Fall 2018 Enchanted Village faire

Games & Booths

Each year the Enchanted Village Faire has games and activities sponsored by each grade. Organized by the parents of each class it is truly a community effort that demonstrates the enthusiasm and creativity of the families at Stone Bridge School. Every booth has a common goal.....FUN, FUN, FUN!

Labyrinth - Participants puzzle their way through the twists and turns of a baffling maze. Along their way, they encounter characters such as wizards, trolls, warriors (costumed 6th graders and parents) who help or hinder (depending on the age) their journey to the goal....and a sash of honor. Multiple trips mean many badges (or stamps) on the sash.
Mace Crusadess - Battle your opponent in a sponge dual.
The Geo Gnome Cave - Enter the dark cavern and mine for the gnome's buried treasures
Magic Carp Booth - fish for deep sea treasure
Sleeping Giant - sneak by the sleeping giant to snatch his golden careful not to wake him as he does not welcome intruders
Knights Quest - Save the princess! but it will be a challenge- you must climb a towering wall, journey thru the forest, navigate a maze, and get past the dragon!
Sprites Quest -an adventure for the younger children. An obstacle course through the magical world of fairy kings and queens, balancing bridges and hopping toadstools.
Wizard's Whimsical Workshop - Make your own Magical Wands, Secret Potions, Whimsical Hats, and Leather Bound Books.  Whether you are a wizard, a knight or a princess it is the ultimate place to create something completely original.
Cake Walk - Parade around the circle to the sounds of song, land on the right number and a fantastical feast of sweet suprise is yours!
Sink the Scalawag - Mermaids will share their sunken treasure with anyone who has the strong arm and good aim to send the scandalous scalawag to the depths of sea for their rotten ways in this pirate themed dunking booth.